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Willis Conventional Mill Machines:

Willis Series II Type Knee Mill
Ranging from:
      > 59" x 11.8" Table Sizes
      > 47" x 15" Logitudinal Travels
      > 20" Knee Travels
      > 5hp Spindle Motors
      > 40 Taper Spindles

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5000VS Mill Machine
(Series II Type Knee Mill)
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The Willis 5000VS, series II style, conventional knee mill, with automatic feeds, is equipped with an oversize 59 inch x 12 inch table maintains an industry leading 47 inch x-axis by 15 inch y-axis travels.  This large knee mill provides an extra wide 33½ inch saddle, providing maximum support for the table.  This knee mill series II style machine allows a 1650 lb table load capacity (when centered).  A metered auto lubrication system is standard on the Willis 5000VS conventional mill machine.  This vertical knee mill’s huge 40 taper head is driven by a 5 HP motor.  The Willis 5000VS knee mill is equipped with a 12 speed gear box providing power-feed and  rapid traverse functions on the x-axis, all driven by a 2HP power-feed motor.


Also standard on the 5000VS vertical mill machine is a rapid traverse function on the z-axis.  An optional power-feed is available for this knee mill’s y-axis.  This extra large series 2 type knee mill has wide, square ways.  The mill machine includes hardened and ground machine ways.  The opposing surfaces to the ways are coated with Turcite.  Willis conventional knee mills, CNC knee mills, and the 5000VS are all constructed from Meehanite castings and the 5000VS knee mill weighs 4,950 pounds.  An electrical box provides 110 volt outlets and a flood coolant system is standard.  This 5HP, 40 taper head, series II style, knee mill has the largest x- axis travel available.  As well as having one of the largest working areas, the Willis 5000VS vertical knee mill provides an unbeatable price, ensuring the customer receives tremendous value for their investment..

5000VS Knee Mill Features
  • The 5000VS knee mill provides a 5HP variable speed 60-3600 RPM, 40 taper spindle
  • Hardened & ground table surfaces are standard on these conventional mill machines
  • The 5000VS series II style mill machine provides built in tool trays on both ends of the table.
  • These knee mills include a vertical table raising function by a 2HP motor with safety limit switch
  • Willis 5000VS mill machines offer a chrome plated precision ground quill with a full 4â…› inch quill diameter∂
  • The 5000VS mill machine provides 47 inch x-axis travel and 15 inch y-axis travel
  • The 5000VS Knee Mill also includes a 59 inch x 12 inch table
  • These large knee mills include 12 longitudinal power feed rates operated by a 12 speed gear box with a 2HP motor
  • Willis 5000VS knee mills are also equipped with a rapid traverse function
  • The 5000VS mill machine is constructed from a “Meehanite” casting and weighs 4,950lbs
  • This conventional knee mill provides huge 47 inch x 15 inch, X & Y travels as well as an extra wide 33½ inch saddle for maximum support
  • This manual mill machine also includes an automatic lubrication system
  • Hardened and ground ways are also standard features on Willis 5000VS mill machines



Table Dimensions

59" x 11.8"

Travels -- Longitudinal/
Cross (Manual)

47" x 15"

Vertical Knee Travel


T-Slots (3)


Ram Travel


Ram Swivel


Quill Diameter


Spindle Motor

5 HP

Spindle Speeds (variable)


Spindle Taper

40 Taper

Quill Power Feed Rates
(Inches Per Revolution)


Head Tilting Left to
Right (Degrees)


Head Tilting Front
to Back (Degrees)


Spindle Nose
to Table (Min./Max.)

0" - 20"

Center of Spindle to
Column Face (Min./Max.)

7" - 29"

Ground Way Surface Width


Saddle Width


Knee Width


Knee Height


Longitudinal Power Feed

(12)1"-28" per min.

Longitudinal Rapid Traverse

94 IPM

Longitudinal Feed Motor

2 HP

Table Rising Motor

2 HP

Coolant Pump

1/8 HP

Net Weight

4,950 lbs.

Maximum Work
Piece Weight

1650 lbs.

Machine Dimenisions