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CNC Bed Mills

CNC Machinery - Vertical Travel Bed Mills


Willis Machinery and Tools offers two different models of CNC bed mill with conventional mill heads: the BTM-40 and BTM 50.  Providing customers with different sizes and capabilities, the BTM-40 allows for 40 inches of x-axis travel where the BTM-50 is able to provide 50 inches of x-axis travel.  Willis CNC bed mills offer high quality, heavily ribbed castings.  These large bed mills are provided with hardened and ground box ways as well as hardened and ground table surfaces for accurate machining.  In addition to an oversize, high precision ball-screw, Willis CNC bed mills include programmable spindle speeds plus automatic lubrication and flood coolant systems.  If a more rigid head is required for specific applications, Willis Machinery offers the RTM series, a large CNC bed mill with a machining center style head.


BTM 40 CNC Bed Mill


Willis BTM Series Vertical Travel CNC Bed Mills
  • The Willis BTM series CNC bed mills provide AC inverter drive motors to allow for variable spindle speeds
  • These large CNC bed mills also allow for programmable spindle speeds
  • CAT 40 or NMTB 40 taper spindles are available on Willis large vertical travel bed mills
  • Power, DC brushless servo motors provide these CNC bed mills with smooth and precise positioning
  • Willis bed mills include hardened and ground box ways on the saddle and column for sturdy and precise operations
  • These large CNC bed mills also provide hardened and ground T-slotted table work surfaces
  • All Willis CNC bed mills allow for a massive 27 inches of z-axis travel to provide a larger available workspace
  • These CNC machines also incorporate a quill with 6” of manual travel
  • These bed mills have controls featuring full 3-axis contouring CNC capabilities as well as internal and external thread milling.  An optional 4-axis CNC is also available on Willis CNC bed mills
  • An automatic, metered lubrication system is standard equipment on Willis CNC bed mills
  • Chip pans and splash guarding are optionally available with these large bed mills as well as a “Maxi Torque-rite" pushbutton power drawbar
  • A Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) hand-wheel is also offered for manual positioning






Table Size

16" x 54"

Table Load, Max.

2,200 Lbs.

Spindle - Table, Max.


Spindle Speed Programmable


Spindle HP


Manual Quill Travel


Spindle/Quill Diameter - 40 Taper


Machine Weight


Fagor CNC 8055
With the User in Mind - More Powerful Than Ever

Fagor Automation has been providing Automation solutions to the Machine Tool market for over 30 years with the emphasis on large batch production, small production runs and prototype applications which requires a versatile, yet powerful CNC solution.

The 8055 CNC provides perfect solution to both types of machining as it offers ISO G-code language highly suitable for high speed production based machining and the intuitive ICON key conversational programming language for small series or unitary work pieces where programming/set-up time is a crucial factor in determining the productivity of the machine.

The flexibility of 8055 CNC allows the possibility to combine both of these programming methods, thus increasing operator efficiency in addition to providing him with expanded capabilities.

Fagor Automation has engineered and produced it’s CNC, Servo & Feedback products to work together as a unified system thus providing optimum performance and ease of operation.

When utilizing multiple different brands within a system, integrating them together in reliable harmony becomes cumbersome and often complicated.

Fagor Automation allows the integrators to have a single source for all vital Automation components with the confidence that all of these products have been designed & engineered with the direct intent of optimum performance, efficiency and reliability, thus greatly simplifying the Integration process.

Machining - High Speed Machining

During high speed machining operations, the 8055 CNC is in control of assuring smooth & accurate tool path without sudden accelerations or decelerations in order to obtain the most stable machining speed possible, thus avoiding part surface irregularities.

Easier Machine Set-Up
Graphically assisted set-up user interfaces, such as the oscilloscope function mode or the geometry test help ensure the CNC makes up for the possible lack of performance of the mechanical system by considering the particular dynamics of the machine.

Operation With the User in Mind

The ICON based operations of the 8055 has been specifically designed for operators of conventional machines who lack prior programming knowledge such as ISO G-code language.

Preparation Help

Tool Management
Tools are managed before and during machining through simple intuitive operations that make the operator’s job easier.

Part Preparation
In serialized part production, in order to obtain repeatability in the positioning process of the new parts, the 8055 CNC helps the user run these operations fast, accurately and efficiently.


ISO - Coded Language / ICON Conversational Language
Fagor Automation offers various programming languages to allow for improved operator ease & efficiency.

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