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Heavy Duty Universal Cylindrical Grinders


heavy duty cylinder


Heavy Duty Cylindrical Grinder Features:
  • Ideal for straight faced rolls, large machinery columns, automobile axles, printing rolls, large motor armatures, etc
  • Heavily ribbed, rigid bed with great stiffness and Sufficient length to support the table over full travels
  • Automatic wheelhead control with rapid approach and retract
  • Forced lubrication for wheelhead spindle with electrical interlock with wheelhead motor for safety
  • Variable speed workhead spindle
  • Swiveling table equipped with dial indicator for maximum precision
  • "Air Bearing" for workhead and tailstock for easy adjustment
  • Telescoping covers for bedway protection



SHD Model Features:

  • 31 inch maximum diameter workpiece
  • CD of 120 inch, 140 inch and 160 inch
  • Up to 4,400 lbs between centers
  • 32 inch wheel
  • 20HP wheel motor


HD Model Features:

  • 20 inch maximum diameter workpiece
  • CD of 80 inch, 100 inch, 120 inch, 160 inch
  • Up to 3,300 lbs between centers
  • 26 inch wheel
  • 15 HP wheel motor