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Willis Large Swing Big Bore CNC Lathes:

Willis Big Bore CNC Lathes
Ranging from:
      > 52" Swing Over Bed
      > 36" Swing Over Crossslide
      > 36" Bed Width
      > 5-550 Spindle Speeds (3 gears ranges with auto shift)
      > A2-15 Spindle Nose (front and rear)
      > 43" Z Axis Travel
      > 2.4" (60mm) Z Axis Ballscrew Diameter
      > 27" X Axis Travel
      > 1.6" (40mm) X Axis Ballscrew Diameter
      > 30 HP Spindle motor, Fanuc
      > 18,000 lbs. Weight

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5240-10 CNC T Lathe Full Machine5240-10CNC T Lathe Side View
  • 10" spindle bore (255mm), A2-15 mount
  • Back plate for Rear Chuck (A2-15)
  • 4 way horizontal automatic hydraulic turret
  • Rear chain type chip conveyor with cart
  • 50" Face plate with T-slots
  • 40" sliding door for front and full length rear splashguard
5240-10 CNC T Lathe Diagram
5240-10 CNC T Lathe Diagram5240-10 CNC T Lathe Diagram
TY-550CNC Dimensional of TY-5040 CNC Lathe (One Door Type)
Components of the 5240-10 CNC Lathe
Fagor Control Panel
  • Can be operated by users with or without prior programming knowledge.
  • Graphics with tool path.
  • Easy to modify already existing part-programs.

  • 4 Way tool post (Standard)

  • The chips to be flow into the chip tray from the bed by coolant, to avoid chips amass on bed.
Chip Tray - 5240-10 CNC T Lathe

  • Movable Chuck Cover