Big Bore Conventional / Manual Lathes PK III

Geared Head Engine Lathes for Sale


Mammoth PK III

Outstanding Features

  • One piece bed, floor type casting
  • 2 shear bed way with extra way supporting the apron
  • All ways are hardened and ground
  • Alloy steel spindle with opposed taper roller bearings
  • Hardened and ground gears, shafts and cross slide ways
  • Electromagnetic spindle brake
  • 18-speed geared headstock
  • 6-way rapid traverse and power feed to top slide
  • Totally enclosed universal inch / metric gear box
  • Carriage position device
  • Dual voltage spindle motor, 30 to 75 HP
  • Pressurized one shot lube system for cross slide and carriage

Standard Accessories

  • Thread chasing dial
  • 2-speed tailstock quill (manual)
  • 1 dead center, MT#6
  • Coolant pump
  • Work lamp
  • Follow type splash guard
  • One piece stainless steel lead screw cover
  • Water and oil collect plate under apron
  • Rear side chip and water collect plate

Optional Accessories

  • Rear chip conveyor