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At Willis Machinery and Tools Company, we provide oil country lathes to the large bore CNC lathe industry. Our oil country lathes are great for heavy duty and dependable oil field applications. In addition, Willis CNC oil field lathes can also handle large pipes, rolls and other large diameter turning and threading applications.

Our oil country lathes all possess the features of a Willis CNC lathe with the exception of having large spindle bores for larger, specialized applications. Willis Oil country lathes offer big bore users big solutions for the rigorous demands of the oil industry.


CNC Lathe Model 32120-12

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Makes turning and threading big shafts a breeze. Great for oil field work.

  • 32 inch swing over bed

  • 120 inch center distance

  • Fanuc Oi-TC CNC Control with manual guide i

  • 12 inch spindle bore

  • A2-20 spindle

  • Thread repair

  • Rear chuck adaptor

  • Flat Bed lathe


CNC Lathe Model 30120-6

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Makes turning and threading big shafts a breeze. Great for oil field work or conveyor rollers.

  • 30 inch swing over bed

  • A2-11 spindle with rear chuck adaptor

  • 120 inch center distance

  • 6 inch spindle bore

  • Fanuc Oi-TC control with manual guide i

  • Thread repair

  • Flat bed lathe


PK 40120-10 Conventional Oil Country Lathe

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The “Willis” PK 40120-10 large bore conventional lathe is great for the oil country. Our hollow spindle, geared head oil country lathes are designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s oil industry.

  • 40" Swing over bed

  • 120" Center distance

  • 10" Spindle bore

  • Rear chuck adaptor

  • 40 Hp spindle motor

  • Semi-auto turning and threading cycle

  • Hydraulic copy attachment

  • Conventional big bore oil country lathe

Oil Country Conventional lathes & CNC Lathes:

  • Willis supplies many large lathes for threading oil field tubes
  • Willis oil field lathes maintain abilities to turn and thread large shafts
  • These oil country lathes also include thread repair capabilities
  • Our big bore lathes are intended for a wide variety of applications such as, oil country pipe, steel and paper mill, power plant, ship building, mining, and textile industries

Due to modern energy concerns, the demand for oil country lathes is higher than ever. Willis Machinery is here to provide our customers with the highest possible value for their investment.