Geared Head Engine Lathe

Conventional / Manual Metalworking Lathe

Willis geared head precision lathes have a very similar design to the popular Colchester lathes. These conventional lathes are available with a range of swings over the bed from 13 inches - 22 inches. All of these conventional engine lathes feature a gap bed. Our Colchester-style lathes are also available with a variety of distances between centers, from 30 inches to 120 inches. Normally equipped with a Norton-style universal gear box (excluding model 1340), these conventional lathes are also available as infinitely variable-speed versions, utilizing a Yaskawa AC digital inverter, providing full power throughout all speed ranges. Along with the Colchester-style lathes, Willis Machinery offers many other options in conventional lathes, including smaller tool room lathes, to the much larger mammoth PK IV series conventional lathes.

  • Willis Machinery CP1550 Lathe Demonstration







1550 3.jpg


Our Colchester-style conventional geared head lathes feature:

  • Engine lathes that provide induction hardened & precision ground ways, as well as hardened and ground gears and shafts
  • Conventional lathe models featuring cam-lock spindle noses; D-1-4, D-1-5, D-1-6, and D-1-8
  • Inch/metric dials & graduations, along with inch threading dials, which allow great versatility when turning and threading with metalworking lathes
  • Safety and performance optimization; no-volt release foot brake, an emergency stop, low volt controls and a flood coolant system
  • Willis geared head precision engine lathes offer a universal gear box (option for 1340) with a full range of inch, metric, whitworth, diametral, and modular threading
  • A feed rod overload clutch
  • An adjustable clutch on the apron provides these conventional lathes with longitudinal and cross-feed pressure adjustment.
  • A push/pull plunger controls a built in feed/reverse function on our lathe machinery
  • A cross-slide nut which incorporates backlash eliminator
  • Full length splash guards on engine lathes
  • An interlock device which allows these engine lathes to prevent simultaneous engagement of their feed rod and lead screw
  • A totally enclosed oil bath, double wall apron with splash type lubrication
  • A gated lever at the apron provides forward/reverse engaging and spindle control on these conventional lathes
  • Slide-way lubrication is provided to these engine lathes by a one shot plunger lube pump

Willis Geared Head Precision Engine Lathes Specifications