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Willis CNC Lathes

Willis CNC Lathes are a perfect balance of power and performance. With heavy flat bed construction, 8 station vertical turret, and powerful Fanuc 0i-TF control w/ Manual Guide I software this series of machine can handle any turning job that comes through your shop, from one off to production work. With the standard manual machining package, the Willis CNC lathe also works great for simple parts, repair work and touchups.

  • CNC Lathes - Hollow Spindle

    (20" - 30" Swing CNC Lathes)

  • CNC Lathes - Big Bore

    (28" - 40" Swing, 60" - 160" Center Distance)

  • CNC T Lathes

    (52" Swing)

  • Heavy Duty Big Bore CNC Lathes

    (42" - 79" Swing x 40" - 200" Center Distance)

  • Oil Country Lathes

    (Manual & CNC Big Bore Lathes)



Willis Conventional Lathes

Willis Manual Lathes are a practical choice for basic turning functions. With Gap Bed options and a wide range of sizes, there is a machine in this series for any application. Small precision machines have been built with identical specifications and spare parts for nearly 40 years, ensuring that support will not be an issue down the road. Large Capacity MAMMOTH series machines are built to order to meet any demand.

  • Conventional Lathes

    (13" - 22" Swing x 40" - 120" Center Distance)

  • Conventional Lathes SK & SE Series

    (22" - 32" Swing x 40" - 200" Center Distance)

  • Conventional Lathes SHA & SHG Series

    (36" - 72" Swing x 80" - 280" Center Distance)

  • Conventional Lathes PK Series

    (35" - 80" Swing x 60" - 480" Center Distance)

  • Conventional Lathe - PK II Series

    (45”- 60” Swing x 60”- 480” Center Distance)

  • Conventional Lathe - PK III Series

    (60”- 80” Swing x 60”- 480” Center Distance)

  • Conventional Lathe - PK IV Series

    (50”- 80” Swing x 120”- 480” Center Distance)

  • Conventional Lathe - PK V Series

    (Swing x Center Distance)

  • Conventional Lathe - Mammoth Turret

    (Swing x Center Distance)



Willis machining centers provide full automation, with remarkable strength and rigidity, creating a tremendous value and long-term machining solutions for the end-user. NRTL approved machines available upon request.

Willis CNC Machining Centers

  • Vertical Machining Center - VMC Series

    (60" x 30" x 26.4" X-Y-Z Travels)

  • Vertical Machining Center - KMV Series

    (40 & 50 Taper Vertical Machining Centers)

  • 40 Taper Bridge Type Machining Centers

    (39" x 39" x 16" - 67" x 118" x 18" X-Y-Z Travels)

  • 50 Taper Bridge Type Machining Centers

    (87" x 78" x 35" - 165" x 78" x 35" X-Y-Z Travels)



Willis CNC bedmills provide an open frame construction ideal for loading large parts. Equipped with precision ballscrews, a heavily ribbed and thick-walled column for maximum rigidity, an extra long bolster for the z-axis, hardened and ground ways (with Turcite on opposing surfaces and gibs), and a metered automatic lubrication system, Willis CNC bedmills deliver precision machining solutions for customers throughout North America. NRTL approved machines available upon request.

Willis CNC Bed Mills

  • BTM 40 CNC Bed Mill

    (40" x 20" x 27" travels, 7.5Hp, Quill Feed)

  • BTM 50 CNC Bed Mill

    (50" x 25" x 27" travels, 10Hp, Quill Feed)

  • RTM 60 CNC Bed Mill

    (60" x 30" x 28" travels, 15Hp, Rigid Head)

  • RTM 100 CNC Bed Mill

    (98.4" x 35" x 28" travels, 15Hp, Rigid Head)



Willis CNC Vertical Knee Mills

Willis CNC Knee Mills have long been recognized in the market for precision, reliability and user friendliness. With dove-tail and square box options, as well as 3HP & 5HP heads, Willis can configure a machine specific to your needs. Ideal for toolroom, job shop and prototype applications, this series offers easy conversational programming along with both manual and automated function. CNC knee mills are available with Acu-Rite G2 2/3 Axis options, or Fagor 8055i CNC with G-Code option.

  • WM3VS

    (9" x 49", 3HP CNC Vertical Turret Mill)

  • 1050

    (10" x 50", 3HP CNC Vertical Knee Mill)

  • 1050II

    (10" x 50", 3HP, Box Way CNC Vertical Turret Mill)

  • 1250II

    (12" x 50", 5HP, Box Way CNC Vertical Knee Mill)



Large, full-color LCD display for exceptional clarity | Full 3D contouring capabilities | Menu-prompted conversational programming | Essential functions just a key stroke away | A full-function digital readout system or a programmable CNC control or both! | Powerful enough to handle any job | Easy enough for anyone to operate | No prior programming experience necessary

Willis Conventional Vertical Knee Mills

  • WM3VS

    (9" x 49", 3HP Conventional Vertical Turret Mill)

  • 1050

    (10" x 50", 3HP Manual Vertical Knee Mill)

  • 1050II

    (10" x 50", 3HP, Box Way Conventional Vertical Turret Mill)

  • 1250II

    (12" x 50", 5HP, Box Way Manual Vertical Knee Mill)

  • 5000VS

    (11.8" x 59", 5Hp, Box Way, Series II Style Knee Mill)



Willis Radial Arm Drill Presses

Willis Radial Arm Drills can be found throughout industry as beefy and reliable for any application. Offering small capacity for speed and agility for fabrication or small tools, as well as massive capacity and high torque MT5 tooling for heavy drilling/thrust applications, no hole is out of reach with the RD-2500H. 60 years of sales and support of this type of equipment ensures that you can trust these machines to handle your drilling needs.

  • Willis Radial Arm Drills

    (30" - 66" Arm Length Radial Drilling Machines)



Willis Drill Presses

Willis Machinery has been built on drilling machines. Solberga was an original product and has been a staple of our business for over 60 years. Machinery Scandinavia AB has been a key partner to Willis and continues to offer exceptional quality and performance machines built in Sweden. Along with Solberga, Willis also has spare parts service for Strands and IMA machines under the MSCAB umbrella. Alzmetall German machines offer a heavy duty variable speed machine built for production environments and have been a leading supplier to Willis for more than 50 years.

  • Solberga Drill Presses

    (20" - 26" Geared Head Drills)

  • Alzmetall Drill Presses

    (Variable Speed Drill Presses)

  • Wolverine

    (20.8" Variable Speed Drill Press)



Built from the highest quality materials and technology available, Willis surface grinders and Willis universal cylindrical grinders offer long-lasting accuracy and extremely high efficiency. Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, and offered in manual, automatic, and CNC configurations, Willis grinding machines provide solutions for many with specific grinding demands. NRTL approved machines available upon request.

Willis Grinding Machines

  • Willis Surface Grinders

    (6" x 16" - 32" x 120" Surface Grinders)

  • Cylindrical Grinders

    (10" -15" Swing x 14" - 80" Centers)

  • Heavy Duty Cylindrical Grinders

    (16" - 31" Swing x 63 - 160" Centers)

  • Bridge Grinding Machines

    (60" x 95" - 60" x 165" Table Size)

  • Delta Grinding Machines

    (12" x 24" - 32" x 120" Surface Grinders)



For over 70 years, Bison have been providing reliable, tailored and complete clamping solutions for the metal working industry. You can be confident that BISON products are produced and delivered by experts and industry leaders trusted by thousands of customers.

Bison Workholding Equipment