Cylindrical Grinders

Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Designed and built from the highest quality materials and technology available, Willis Surface Grinders are able to provide the greatest possible value for the customer.

In order to suit customers with all grinding applications, Willis Machinery & Tools offer many different surface grinder models. Constructed by the oldest surface grinder manufacturer in Taiwan, Willis Surface Grinders range from 6 inch x 16 inch to 36 inch x 80 inch in size and are available with manual, automatic, and PLC controls. Willis Machinery also has CNC bridge grinders available for much larger applications.



Machines available from 10" swing x 14" centers up to 15" swing x 80" centers

  • 7.5 HP wheelhead motor
  • Grinding wheels up to 16" x 3"
  • 30 degree wheelhead swivel
  • 120 degree workhead swivel
  • 10" wheelhead stroke


Available Machine Configurations

  • M: Table traverse and wheelhead cross feed are all manual
  • A: Table traverse is hydraulically driving. Wheelhead cross feed is manual "A" with wheelhead rapid approach and retraction. Wheelhead cross feed by manual
  • AGC: "H" with wheelhead rapid approach and retraction. Wheel head cross feed by auto
  • DAS: "AGC" with automatic sizing device
  • NC: PLC controlled machine with ballscrew and servo motor for wheelhead and fully automatic work cycles

Optional Accessories

  • A101 Internal grinding attachment
  • A102 Double-shoe steady rest
  • A103 Triple-shoe steady rest
  • A104 Scroll chuck & plate (#5 or #6)
  • A105 Magnetic chuck & plate (#6)
  • A106 Magnetic coolant separator
  • A107 Dust collector
  • A108 Angle dresser
  • A109 Rasius dresser
  • A110 Wheel balancing stand
  • A111 Spare wheel flange
  • A112 Tungsten carbide half center
  • A113 Automatic dog set (6pcs/Set)
  • A114 Grinding gauge for manual sizing
  • A115 Hydraulic wheel dresser
  • A116 Microfeeder for wheelhead
  • A117 Work rest (two-piece set)
  • A118 Tailstock with hydraulic operation
  • A119 5C collet chuck mounted on workhead
  • A120 Auto loader
  • A121 Paper filter