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Willis BTM-40 CNC Bedmill w/ Fagor control

40 taper, open frame, box way, CNC bedmill purchased to machine a wide range of products; including crushing, screening, material handling, washing and classifying, track-mounted, stationary and portable equipment.

This Willis BTM-40 CNC bedmill was installed in the Chicagoland area for a customer that manufactures equipment for asphalt road building, aggregate processing, pipeline and utility trenching, as well as wood processing. As an open frame CNC bedmill, with a milling head capable of rotating 90° in either direction, right or left, The Willis BTM-40 CNC bedmill provides this customer with the versatility to accomplish all of their milling requirements. With a 16” x 54” table, 40” x 20” x 26” (X x Y x Z) travels, and a 2,200 lb. table load capacity, the Willis BTM-40 creates a great solution for those interested in a robust, versatile, and reliable CNC milling machine.

Willis 2040 Surface Grinder

Worn out Grinder needs high quality replacement

New Surface Grinder needed for precision shim application.

  • Ohio Stamping Press manufacturer needed a new Surface Grinder
  • to replace their worn out 1940’s era machine. They had a job grinding
  • precision tapered shims used in the manufacture of their Presses.
  • This Press builder is known for their high quality product so they
  • needed a top notch Grinder. Willis supplied and installed a new 2040-3A
  • Precision Surface Grinder to get the job done.


Willis RTM-50 CNC bedmill w/ Fanuc control

Fully Enclosed 40 taper CNC bedmill to increase manufacturer’s on-site capabilities.

This Willis RTM-50 CNC bedmill was installed in the Southeast for a customer that manufactures machinery and equipment for the filter manufacturing industry. Having myriad of different parts to manufacture and design, this machine was supplied to run a number of different jobs, with ease and efficiency. With a 71” x 18” table, 51” x 23” x 27” (X x Y x Z) travels, and an 1,800 lb. table load capacity, the Willis BTM-50 CNC bedmill’s versatility allows users from manufacturers to job-shops to accept the challenges of many jobs, as opposed to sending pieces off-site for machining.

BTM 80 VK2.jpg

Big travel CNC BED MILL gets the job done

  • Midwest pump manufacturer needed a large cross travel.

  • CNC Bed Mill to machine fixture plates. These large fixture plates are
  • used on their production pallet type Horizontal Machining Centers.
  • Willis installed a BTM 80 with 35” Y-axis travel so the plates could
  • be machined in one setup. This solved their large work envelope toolroom
  • application without breaking the bank.

Willis installs 30’ center CNC Lathe with Live Tooling and C axis in Mid-South

A Mid South contract manufacturer had a great opportunity for a new product line. The new products were essentially long cylinders with flanges on both ends. In addition to all the turning necessary, the flanges needed numerous accurately drilled and tapped holes on the face and OD along with some milling work. The cylinders also needed to have holes drilled in precise locations over the entire length of the OD along with some milling work on the OD.

The turning work on the end flanges was pretty straight forward ID and OD CNC turning and much of the machining work could be done on their in house VMC’s. However, after the flanges were secured onto the cylinders, there was much machining on the entire new 26’+ long assembly that had to be finished after all the pieces were fitted together.

There are a number of companies that can build machines with these functions, but the investment needed for most of these is in the millions of dollars. The job wouldn’t have worked for the manufacturer with that type of initial investment. They came to...


Willis installs BTM60 CNC Mill in Gulf Coast

A leading manufacturer of conveyor components and solutions had a need for more machining capacity due to business growth. Their bottleneck centered around their conveyor rollers. They needed new equipment to turn and mill larger quantities of rollers. They were introduced to some large turn / mill machines, but the initial investment was not justifiable, so they looked for some alternatives. What they did instead was to buy a 10’ manual lathe for their turning and the Willis BTM60 CNC bedroll.

This Willis Mill provides a full 3 axis contouring CNC control with huge 30” x 60” X, Y travels for a very low investment. This decision enabled this manufacturer to substantially increase their production to keep up with demand at a very low investment when compared to the single turn / mill machine.


Willis installs 30120-6CNC Lathe in Mid South laboratory

A large laboratory in the Mid South was in need of a substantial size CNC lathe to replace their older manual machines. Being the main repair shop for the lab, they need to be prepared for anything that comes in their door.

After reviewing their needs and checking the market, they chose to go with the Willis 30120-6CNC Lathe. This 10’ center distance CNC lathe with 6” spindle bore allows them heavy capacity for their larger work that comes in while still allowing them higher spindle speeds for the smaller parts. It was also still small enough to be easy to operate and move around. And, it doesn’t take up too much floor space in their facility. The optional automatic 8 station vertical turret and chip conveyor gives them ability to machine large complicated parts with heavy metal removal in an unattended fashion.


Willis 3280-3A Precision Surface Grinder handles the big jobs at Midwest Stamping Plant

Biggest obstacle overcome – Stamping house needs a large capacity Surface Grinder for Press tooling maintenance.

Orchid Monroe LLC in Monroe, Michigan was desperately in need of a large capacity Surface Grinder to Grind big bolster plates and tooling for their stamping presses. While needing a large Grinder Orchid also wanted a machine that could produce high finishes on their tooling. Orchid poured a concrete isolation pad/foundation before taking delivery of their new Willis 3280-3A Surface Grinder. Once our technician leveled the Grinder and we fired it up Orchid’s toolmaker’s were thrilled with the finishes they were able to achieve.

Since this install we very recently delivered a Willis 2480-3A Surface Grinder to a General Motors Stamping Plant in Flint, Michigan, GM was shopping around for a Grinder for Press Tooling maintenance, and after seeing these photo’s and talking to Orchid they went with a Willis.

G30-100A Universal Cylindrical Grinder.jpg

Willis Installs G30-100A Universal Cylindrical Grinder

A precision grinding company in Ann Arbor, MI recently purchased and installed (1) Willis G30-100A universal cylindrical grinder as their primary grinding machine. The aforementioned customer was looking to replace a late model machine with a reliable, well supported (Parts and Service), and affordable high precision universal cylindrical grinder. They found the solution to their machinery demands with Willis Machinery in Toledo, OH 43615 USA. Let us help meet your universal cylindrical grinder demands today.

Willis installs MAMMOTH PK35320-9 Heavy Duty Lathe in Pacific Northwest

Willis installs MAMMOTH PK35320-9 Heavy Duty Lathe in Pacific Northwest

A Marine Construction Company in the Pacific Northwest was looking for new capacity. Due to their internal growth and industry growth, they needed to add a new lathe that could keep up with the new work they had coming into their yard. From repairs to new ship construction, they had to be prepared for whatever came in their shop. The Willis MAMMOTH PK35320-9 lathes’s long center distance, 9” thru hole, and large swing in the gap allows them to work on boat shafts, wheels, and many other marine components.

Willis installs MAMMOTH PKII70120-9

Willis installs MAMMOTH PKII70120-9 in Gulf Coast Region

A large electric motor repair facility was looking for more turning capacity. They needed a lathe strong enough to handle their heavy rotor turning, but also needed a machine with enough swing to handle the large end housings on their biggest repairs. Willis solved both of their challenges with this 70” swing over the bed machine with a gap allowing them to turn housings up to 78” diameter, and still having the ability to turn shafts up to 10’ in length on the same machine. In the end, this saved the customer a tremendous amount of money, and floor space in their shop.