Mammoth PKIV Series Lathes for Sale

Large Bore Conventional Lathes


Tailstock PKIV Series


Spindle Bore 21" (0 535mm) OPTION


4-Way track PKIV Series

Additional Features for PKIII & PKIV Series

  • 9" spindle bore, A2-15 spindle nose for PKIV Series
  • 4 gear range headstock with infinitely variable RPM from 18-1,000 RPM's
  • 4 hardened and ground bed ways. 3 ways are located on the top of the bed and support the carriage and tailstock, while the 4th bed way is located on the front lower part of the bed and supports the apron, which reduced any cantilever effect. Also provides additional support when turning large O.D. parts
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • Rotary tailstock quill