Universal Tilting Box Tables

Willis Machinery & Tools Co.


Willis-Bergonzi WB-650 Tilting Box Table

Willis-Bergonzi Tilting Box Table Features:

  • Tables Tilt from 0° to 90°
  • Exact angle can be obtained by reading conveniently placed index dial
  • Adjustable by means of hand crank which turns worm gear, worm screw assembly
  • Locking & unlocking is activated by hand lever and expansion jaw (2 levers & 2 jaws for model WB-750)
  • Tilting angle bracket never overhangs and is supported by large double trunions
  • Inclination (Min. - Max.): 0° to 90°


Willis BERWB-650


650mm x 450mm Tilting Box Table

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Willis BERWB-750


750mm x 550mm Tilting Box Table

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Willis-Bergonzi Tilting Box Table Dimensions:

  • Willis-BergonziTiltingBoxTableDimensionalDrawing_001.jpg
  • willis-bergonzi.png