1050 Knee Mill


Willis conventional knee mill model 1050 is a dovetail and square (box) way machine respectively. This mill machines is a 3 horsepower (3HP), R-8 spindle machine, with an optional 30 taper spindle. The vertical mill model 1250II is a 5 horsepower (5HP), 40 taper spindle machine, with square (box) ways.

Has heavy duty square rams and columns with substantial knees and saddles. This mill machine maintains “Meehanite” castings with hardened and ground ways as well as “Turcite” coating the adjacent surfaces

Optionally available with electronic variable speed, through a “Yaskawa” inverter, known as the “EV” (electronic variable) models. The electronic variable speed option provides these vertical knee mills with up to 5000RPM in spindle speeds. “EV” spindle speeds are infinitely adjustable through a potentiometer.

Supplied both as conventional mill machines and CNC mill machines.