Hollow Spindle CNC Lathes

Willis Metalworking Hollow Spindle CNC Lathes

Ranging From:

  • > 20” – 30” Swing

  • > 40” – 160” Center Distance

  • > 3 1/8” Spindle Bore

  • 8 and 12 tool turrets

  • live tooling

  • chip conveyors

  • rear chuck adapters

  • manual or hydraulic tailstock

  • equipped Fanuc

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2060 CNC Lathe


2280 CNC Lathe


30120 CNC Lathe


2680 CNC Lathe


CNC Lathe Cross Slide


CNC Lathe Tail Stock

Willis Flat-bed CNC lathes are designed primarily for heavy duty turning operations with dramatic productivity. The high quality casting construction assures optimum rigidity and stability for years of reliable, trouble free operations. Great horsepower motors provide powerful cutting capabilities. Each machine is manufactured to the highest quality of standards. Willis Machinery offers many different styles of CNC lathes including: Big Bore Lathes and Oil County Lathes. Buying new machinery, or replacing used CNC equipment, Willis Machinery & Tools can help you in your turning center needs:

  • Willis CNC lathes are designed and constructed from the latest technology and built with the highest quality materials and components.
  • Our CNC lathes for sale have spindles supported by preloaded, high precision bearings that ensure Willis CNC lathes maintain consistent and accurate turning throughout the entire speed range.
  • Willis Machinery’s CNC lathes' rigid bed construction, hardened to over 50Rc and precision ground, provides for heavy turning with high accuracy.
  • These metalworking lathes for sale have a spindle, shaft, and gears made from alloy steel that are hardened and ground to allow these CNC lathes to execute higher turning speeds at lower sound levels.
  • A metered automatic lubrication system with low-level alarm provides these CNC lathes with oil to the turning center’s slide ways and X and Z axis ball screws.
  • These CNC lathes include high precision screws mounted in precision bearings to ensure long life, superior cutting performance and great accuracy in these metalworking turning centers.
  • Willis CNC lathes are designed with a full-length rear splashguard and front moving chip guards with observation windows. This provides these CNC lathes with a clean, safe work area. The rear splashguard for Willis turning centers also has a removable panel for easy access and maintenance.
  • These metalworking lathes include X and Z axes that are fitted with a manual pulse generator (MPG) hand wheel which allows for easy manual movement of both axes.
  • These CNC lathes' powerful inverter motor for the machine spindle is equipped with an all-digital Yaskawa inverter for peak performance.
  • Willis Machinery’s CNC turning centers are equipped with a 3-speed (2-speed for 1550) headstock for maximum power and torque over the entire speed range.
  • These CNC lathes include constant surface speed turning, threading, and tapping as standard features.

Standard Features of CNC Lathes

  • Spindle Encoder
  • Automatic Lubrication Pump for Slide Ways & Ball Screws
  • Cutting Fluid Coolant System
  • Full-Length Rear Splash Guard
  • Front Chuck & Chip Safety Guard
  • Front Moveable Chip Trolley
  • Halogen Work Light
  • RS-232 Port
  • Centers & Center Sleeve
  • Leveling Blocks
  • Service Tools & Toolbox
  • Operations, Programming & Instruction Manuals

Optional Features of CNC Lathes

  • Steady Rest, Roller Type
  • Follow Rest, Roller Type
  • 3 or 4-Jaw Chucks
  • Electric, 4-Way Horizontal Turret
  • Electric, 8-Station Vertical Turret
  • Live Center
  • Hydraulic Chuck
  • Hydraulic Tailstock
  • Chip Conveyor w/ Cart
  • Special Functions by Consult

CNC Lathe Specifications


ENC Lathes:

The extensive list of machine features includes:

  • Automatic headstock speed change with three-range
  • Superior headstock positive flow lubrication system with oil-cooler
  • The rigid construction bed is with hardened and precision grinding
  • Full enclosed and interlocked guarding
  • Independent, sliding operator's console allow moving quickly / effortlessly aside

Spindle Bore offered 155mm / 250mm / 380mm for selection


Headstock Assembly & Lubrication System


Adaptor for Rear Chuck Mounting